Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lucid Awakening 2 - My dream coming to life

I guess you could say that development of Lucid Awakening 2 has officially started. I have a very talented artist, who I've never met, doing work for me. He has been doing a lot of character concept art for the three main characters of my game, Zeke, Silas, and Terra.

This is concept art for the lead character in the game, Zeke. In Lucid Awakening he was the main character Damian's little brother who got sucked into the dream world with him. He had a bigger role in the game that you didn't really find out about until much later in the game near the end; I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't finished it yet. It is amazing to me to be able to see people from a world that I've created grow up and change; it's a feeling that can't be explained with words.

Maybe this is just poor story-telling technique, but when I make a game I tend to simply make it up as I go along but according to a basic outline in my mind. I think that I have a gift for writing and creating stories based on this: sometimes as I'm making a scene in my game, I am actually shocked at what happens. That happened to me several times throughout the creation of Lucid Awakening--I would be making a scene and be surprised at what I had just wrote. Whether that is a smart technique or not, I find it very interesting that even as the creator I cannot wait to find out what happens.

I do not plan on making a prequel to Lucid Awakening, however, there is a lot of untold story and mysteries that still need to be solved pertaining to the events leading up to the "disaster" that split the universe (referred to as "The Complete") in two parts creating the "real world" and "dream world." Lucid Awakening 2 will serve as a full sequel, but will also be serving a kind of double duty as it will be telling a lot about The Complete world as well as Damian, Elise, Sereth, and others' stories of their past lives. Putting that into consideration, that makes Lucid Awakening the "in between" story in a way instead of the first story, which I find interesting.

In Lucid Awakening 2 there are only three main characters that are playable--Zeke, Silas, and Terra. Silas was a sort of antagonist/ally for about the first half of the first game, and you later found out that he was the son of King Sereth, the main antagonist, in The Complete. We never got to know Silas very well, see what he was like when he was a human, or know all the details of his role in the events that led to the splitting of The Complete. Of course, this will all be a big part of Lucid Awakening 2. We will also find out how he managed to "erase himself from existence" and how he made everyone related to him completely forget about him, as well as why he is still alive and why he is human in Lucid Awakening 2.

In case you are wondering why you don't recognize the name Terra, it is because she was not in Lucid Awakening. She is a completely new character, but this doesn't mean that she has no relation to the stories of the first game or The Complete. She is my favorite character even out of the Lucid Awakening characters. I can't tell you much except that if anything makes you cry in the series, it will be her story. She does play a big part in The Complete and events before the first game.

Sorry for my scattered thoughts and ramblings. I'll conclude this post by saying that from now on any blog post relating to Lucid Awakening 2 will start with LA2 in the title. Note to self: get to work!

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