Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's about time. I would call this a "story demo" instead of an actual "demo-demo," because some of the technical elements aren't quite there yet, especially the battle system. I'm putting this up mostly for fans of Lucid Awakening who have probably given up on me because it's taken me so long to put out anything concrete since the release of the first game almost two years ago.

Notes about the demo:
  • This is a PRE-ALPHA demo, which means it isn't even in Alpha stage yet...which means, not everything is fully functional. This demo was mostly made just as a STORY DEMO.
  • You can report bugs if you want...but chances are, I already know about them (i.e. in Redstone all the locations are available from the start and Fountain and Bazaar don't even work).
  • I DO want feedback, but please try to keep it to story, design, and content feedback. Like I said, most technical issues are going to be resolved later on.
  • I'm trying as hard as possible to make this game understandable to newcomers to the series, but also have a LOT of stuff to please fans. As you may have guessed, this is a very hard thing to balance.
  • This is pretty much exactly how the beginning of the full game will be. However, the end of the demo when the logo comes up is basically where the full game will REALLY begin.
  • I apologize for not having the awesome job change system functional in this demo...but again, this is a STORY demo.
  • Pay attention at the end of the demo in the last scene before the logo comes up, there are some pretty cool little details you will probably like if you played Lucid Awakening. Hint: returning character working with new character, and two transformations. 
I'm sorry for the large file size...I used MP3s instead of midis, which is actually where a good 80 - 90% of the bulk comes from. I really feel like having quality music in a game adds SO much. I think for the full game I will also release a "lite" version that will use all midis to cut down immensely on file size. Anyway, here it is:
Lucid Awakening 2 Demo

Also you will have to install this font (put into C:\\Program Files\Windows\Fonts):

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